About me

Passion, hard work and experience

Why do I do it?

“You’re lucky with your talent for languages” I’ve heard it so many times!

To be honest, I don’t know it it’s a talent. But I know for sure that languages are my biggest passsion and probably the only thing that never makes me bored. Nobody has ever had to make me learn languages. And quite often I would learn more than it was required.

I’ve spent thousands of hours on learning languages. Today I can say that it was worth it. And it will be. I hope to reach my ultimate goal, which is mastering at least 10 languages at a communicative level.

What is my education?

I graduated from the Institute of Applied Linguistics (University of Warsaw) – the school known for educating the best translators and interpreters in Poland. My major was “applied linguistics” with French and English.

Good results allowed me to participate in the Erasmus+ exchange program and study in Belgium. During the 6-month study period at Université de Liège, I had the opportunity to function in an international environment and take my language skills to the next level.

What do I do?

My mission is to show you that learning languages doesn’t have to be difficult. Nor boring. If you’re used to uninteresting handbooks and doing monotonous grammar exercises, it’s high time to end it. Theory and rules mean nothing if you can’t apply them in real life.

I will share with you the most efficient strategies, which will maximize your results. Learning vocabulary will become much easier, and spontaneous speaking in a foreign language will become normal.

I’m aware that individual approach is one of the key elements that your success depends on. You should learn languages the way you want to do it and not handbook authors or school teachers.

Using one and the same language for my whole life would be boring, just as eating the same dish every day.

That is why I always wanted to be a translator and help those who don’t know foreign languages.

I translate and interpret to/from the following languages: English – Polish – French

I can translate any text for you: a book, an article, an academic paper or any other.

Interpreting is what I like to do as well. If you’re going to participate in a business meeting or a conference with foreigners, my job is to make you feel as if it all took place in YOUR language.